Although with the popularity of Internet, more and more people began to leave email contact, but the business card is more formal, still play an important role in the commercial game. So how to make your business card design stand out in a crowd? How to make the business card cuddly, won’t let a person see at a glance to lose?
1 tip: different
To design the interesting point, for example, can be designed into half folding, and design the card’s – our contracted, must pay attention to the pursuit of contact information for quick rendering. From a business card, you can see the basic skills of a designer.
2 tip: the interesting, tide
Details of delicate, clever, have your business card will be like a sharp knife, left a deep impression to the customer, your card will be like a magnet, attract the user’s attention, can consider some game design and the style of web design. Business card design can be like the web site. But one has to be careful to use popular elements, sometime when they are behind The Times! Also can consider to add a bit of interactivity in name card design.
3tip:the minimalist design, highlight the text information
The benefits of simple design, it is highlighted text information.
Business card is the most important thing? The words is a business card, the user can through this text knows who you are, your job, how to contact you. So be sure to stand out the text design, readable. Light background, dark text is experienced the test of time. Bright color text, dark background is good also, and, after design reach the designated position, be sure to keep an eye on the printing quality.
4tip:use color and image
Any design cannot leave the color and image, name card design page.
Side have double-sided business card, can design the colorful, rich graphic elements, on the other side design is contracted, used for information transfer. The other side that is to say, one side is used to attract attention, pay attention to the function. Your business card will be outstanding and practical.
5tip:as the card chosen materials
Noble name card to let a person feel the delicate beauty, a perfect first impression, make the user feel your product/service quality is very in position.
Ink for reasonable match colors, rich simple sense, colorful fonts and graphics, letterpress at your fingertips that comfortable tactility, perfect to choking, let a person feel you are very tasteful.
Excellent business card design is very important, this is the customer’s first impression, even the business card is not so good, how can you do my trust? “If you need to better design business card, contact us.